At first, there were two. Anne and Rémy Tortosa moved their entire Parisian world to Los Angeles. They started shooting brands and personas and won the eyes and hearts of small businesses and established brands alike. They quickly understood the need for marketing power behind their art and harnessed it by joining forces with business strategist Cécile Charlot.

Anne Demay-Tortosa

Creative production striving for Perfection

Anne Demay-Tortosa has recognizable bangs and a staple personal style reminiscent of Parisian artist Françoise Hardy. And behind those bangs, endless ideas and inspirations to create dreamy outfits and universes. Ten years in the Paris police special forces have taught her rigor and discipline, and lent her a sharp eye for detail that make her management of production sets a seamless experience.


Rémy Tortosa

Art at the Service of Vision

Rémy Tortosa is a renowned photographer with fiery passion for his Art. Previously a career fireman in Paris, Rémy went from saving people's lives to immortalizing them on film. For him, a beautiful image truly is worth a thousand words, and a long ride on his motorcycle to chase it. He most recently premiered his breathtaking photographs collection of Los Angeles' homeless population, "Broken Souls".


Cécile Charlot

Strategic Horsepower Behind it All

Cécile Charlot has twenty years of Marketing experience securely tucked under her Hermès belt. From Microsoft to Live Nation, to fashion, travel and lifestyle companies, she has elevated brands and accelerated businesses with grit and grace. She is a true Marketing fanatic who vibes on beautiful words, unique experiences... and spreadsheets.

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