35 years / 2 lives - Part I

Anne 2 lives

Let’s start…

My name is Anne, I’m almost 35 year-old. I was a Military Police Officer In France during 10 years. My husband Rémy was a firefighter in Paris during 11 years. Today we are the founders of 18/17 Creatives, a 1-year-old creative agency based in Los Angeles. After our moving from Paris to LA, we have been through a huge storm in our lives. Everything changed. And now I feel ready to share our journey.

I assume that I’m not used to talk about me and what I am doing but today I feel the need to share my story and tell that “We did not know it was impossible so we did it”. @Mark Twain

So let’s start the Part I : Where we come from?

First Life

I was born and raised in the suburb of Paris. My life has always been easy: good student, good friend, I had everything I wanted in my life (or nearly). I became a military police officer at the age of 22 after having passed the required examinations… which brought me for 10 months at the military school of Montluçon (in the middle of nowhere in central France). These 10 months were intense and crazy… I can’t even describe how intense it was. I have been following classes of using fire arms, fighting, military tactics and strategies, and also intelligency. You may be asking yourself “Does she know how to kill people ?” I do know and I can probably hurt you very badly but I swear, my heart is as soft as a marshmallow.

During my 10 years career as a Police Officer, I saw a lot of disgusting things, I took care of a lot of hopeless people, I fought with many guys, I traveled with 2 french Presidents, I was deeply concerned by the Homeland Security but above all it was a hell of a fight to establish myself as a WOMAN in a man’s world. Those 10 past years was full of personal and professional understandings . If I had to resume this in one word, it would be: USEFUL. Yes, I was useful and it was an ego gratification.

I met Rémy in 2010. He was a firefighter in Paris, in a prosperous career. 2010 was the beginning of our shared journey. We traveled a lot, had many motorcycles, went everywhere, had 2 dogs, got married and a lot of fun…

Some pictures of the past, of another life (personal souvenirs = bad quality pictures )

Why to move

So now, you wonder “Why moving your entire life to LA if everything was so good?”. I can tell you that everything was not as good as it looks like. Our lives were stucked in a box. We were like puppets in our jobs with any recognition. In February 2015, we met one guy, I mean THE person who convinced us to take the step of a life changing. From the start, Rémy was sure that moving to LA will be a renewal in our lives…I was not the same…SECURITY is sooo good for me (We’ll talk about that later). I finally accepted to move in december 2015 and we started to draw our plan. I knew that it was going to be hard to accomplish all these things…but I was far from the truth. I did not know what was going on.

  • First, we applied for an unpaid leave for 1 year. Yes, as military we have the opportunity to take a break/rest in our career. Some of our colleagues were very supportive, others not really. When you are “educate” in a military field it can be very hard to believe that a life is existing outside of the Army.

  • The second question was: “how to stay legaly in the USA more than 3 months?” Remy didn’t speak english at all so we signed up for an english private school in Hollywood (I can give more informations to those who want to know about it) and apply for a Student Visa (F1) that we obtained on April 2016. It started to become serious. We left our military apartment, packed all our stuffs and just kept 4 luggages. Our one way ticket was scheduled on the 13th of May 2016.

The 13th of May 2016 was the first day of our new lives…

Let’s see what happened in the Part II

PS: I hope you enjoyed that first blogpost and I'm looking forward to hear about you. If you want to see more about us, follow our personal instagram: @remytortosa and @annedici .