Maison Kemang

Kemang and its limited edition bags were ready to unlock their brand story 2.0 and to meet the true Kemang woman. They needed guidelines to upgrade their website from being purely transactional to becoming the home base for their unique and chic universe.

Maison Kemang

We've Done

  • A series of 12 interviews with buyers and potential muses to better understand their needs, wants and the world in which they live.

  • Built custom frameworks to help the Founder identify competitors, potential partners for collaborations, muses, the brand essence and Kemang's unique value proposition.

  • A 2-day editorial and e-commerce photo shoot, including the full creative direction and production experience.

  • Ongoing image and social consulting.

Maison Kemang

Our Results

1. Detailed profiles for 2 "Kemang women", which the company will now be able to better target and engage.

2. Product and pricing feedback to inspire adjustments and better respond to buyers' needs.

3. Direction on the next 3 bag collections and guidelines to ensure brand continuity.

Maison Kemang


4. A new visual identity, complete with mood boards and color schemes.

5. A fresh brand story and rewritten copy blocks for Instagram, Facebook, and the Maison Kemang website.

6. 30 premium editorial and e-commerce images to reflect the new brand narrative and deeper knowledge of the target audience.

18/17 Creatives helped revamp my brand entirely. From spinning a fresh brand story to directing and producing an inspiring photoshoot which resulted in gorgeous images for my website and social, they were my go-to advisors and there for me and Maison Kemang every step of the way.
— Joy, Founder